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What's new in TechWriter 2009 for XML Schemas?


Support for XML Instances
You can now document the structure of an XML instance with TechWriter even if you don't have an XSD or DTD for it. Just add the XML instance to your project and TechWriter 2009 will automatically derive the schema.

Option to include Namespace Prefixes
Including namespace prefixes on references to elements, attributes and types is now optional in TechWriter 2009. This option can be turned on and off from the Options tab.

Support for Line Breaks in Annotations
TechWriter 2007 recognized blank lines (double line breaks) as paragraph delimiters and ignored single line breaks. TechWriter 2009 now recognizes and preserves single line breaks, treating them like the HTML <BR> tag.

WYSIWYG Annotation Editor
The Annotation Tab includes a WYSIWYG annotation editor for editing your schema comments. The editor supports bold and italic font formatting, numbered and bulleted lists and hyperlinks.

XHTML and XML Comments Tagging
TechWriter 2007 supported a subset of JavaDoc tagging that could be used to tag schema comments. TechWriter 2009 not only expands the JavaDoc support to include all of the formatting options available in the annotation editor, it also includes support for using XHTML and XML Comments for tagging your comments.

Remarks Section
TechWriter 2009 allows you to create more detailed documentation for your XML schema by including support for a Remarks section that can be embedded as part of your schema comments or annotated.

Support for Table Cell Borders in PDF an RTF/Word output formats
In TechWriter 2007, summary tables did not include borders around each cell. With TechWriter 2009 you have the option to turn these borders on from the Output tab.

HTML (single-page) Output Type
In addition to the Web Site (multi-page) output type, TechWriter 2009 also includes the HTML output type that represents the documentation in a single HTML page.

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TechWriter for XML Schemas 2009

Created: 11/11/2009 - Last Reviewed: 11/11/2009